Channing Tatum to Star in ‘Soundtrack of Silence’ Drama for Paramount

Channing Tatum is to star in and produce Soundtrack of Silence for Paramount Pictures, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Soundtrack of Silence, with a screenplay by Jamie Linden, is based on the KQED story about Matt Hay, a sophomore in college who is losing his hearing and wants to capture the sounds that are slipping away, including the songs and soundtrack of his youth.

Read Matt’s Article “Nowhere Man” from Hearing Life Magazine

The Beatles gave Matt Hay “Help” when he needed it. Songs like “Nowhere Man”, “Yesterday”, and “Blackbird” had a way of summing up his feelings when his hearing started to go. He later turned to their music when his auditory brainstem implant helped him recover some hearing.

“Soundtrack of Silence” NPR Podcast with April Dembosky

Matt Hay is a sophomore in college when he finds out he is going to lose his hearing. He coasts through the early years of his diagnosis in denial, but as his hearing aids get bigger and bigger, Matt realizes he wants to capture the sounds that are slipping away: his girlfriend’s voice, the click of her heels; and especially, the songs of their invincible youth.