Matt Shares His Story on the “Hearing Wellness Journey” Podcast

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Matt Shares His Story on the "Hearing Wellness Journey" Podcast

Date: October 4, 2021
Source: Hearing Wellness Journey Podcast
Interviewer: Dawn Heiman, AuD


Matt Hay shares his unique hearing loss story and journey with NF2, perseverance, achieving goals, and celebrating all wins. It all began as a teen when he struggled to understand what people were saying. He is now using his life experience with hearing loss, a Brainstem Implant, and auditory listening therapy to empower others to hear their best.


Matt Hay, MBA has a 25-year journey toward deafness (and subsequent recovery with his auditory brainstem implant). He shared his story on a National Public Radio (NPR) podcast titled Soundtrack of Silence. The intimate, funny and authentic segment inspired actor Channing Tatum and Paramount Pictures to option the motion picture rights to Matt’s life story and St. Martin’s Press, an imprint of MacMillan Books to option his memoir. Matt passionately supports the hearing loss community as a consultant for the St Joseph Institute for the Deaf and member of the Columbia University Genetic Counseling Advisory Board. He’s proudly served as a Congressional Lobbyist for neurofibromatosis (NF) research funding, the genetic disorder that caused his hearing loss, and has personally raised more than $100,000 for NF research by doing endurance events, including an Ironman Triathlon. Matt currently leads sales and marketing at Redux where his work enhances hearing aid performance. He lives in Westfield, IN with his wife, three children, and a very opinionated Labradoodle named Charley.